Tell me what you need and I’ll make it happen. 

I work with business owners who need a wing-woman behind the scenes. Someone to bounce ideas around with, who acts as a second brain so you no longer have to keep a strong working memory of everything that’s going on in your business, and someone who will keep your business ticking along behind the scenes while you focus on good stuff only you can do.

There are some jobs only you can do, and I’m on hand to handle everything else.

So, what do I do? 

Working as trusted a business partner, I give big thinkers like you the time and space to focus on driving a business forward. And yet every client needs something different so each receives bespoke business support to suit their individual needs. Here are just some of the executive support services I offer:


Diary Management

Meetings; catering; restaurants; travel logistics – flights, transfers, hotels.

Inbox Gatekeeping

Monitoring the client’s inbox and responding to requests within pre-agreed guidelines.

Second Brain Support

You no longer need to keep a good working memory of EVERYTHING that’s going on in your business.



Data research; analysis and reports on competitors/products; facts and figures.

Email Marketing

Creating newsletters and email sequences to communicate with existing subscribers.

Sounding Board

Because we understand a client’s business, we’re here to bounce an idea off, and offer support and guidance.

Social Media Scheduling

Curating and scheduling content that complements the existing marketing strategy.

HR Support

Working with agencies and management to support the hiring process and personnel function.

Document Creation

Creating super slick presentations and indexed documents to complement existing branding.

How I make the magic happen 

I use a selection of tried and tested cloud-based applications to ensure a seamless service from our remote offices. These include: Active Campaign | Asana | AWeber |  Buffer | Canva | ConvertKit | Dropbox | Evernote | G Suite (including Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Forms) | GetStencil | HootSuite | LastPass | MailChimp | MeetEdgar | Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive) | Recurpost | Salesforce | Slack | SurveyMonkey | Todoist | Trello | Wix | WordPress