Wanted: Clients with a GSOH for long-standing business relationships

COMING SOON: Hire a VA Who Rocks

If you’re thinking of working with a Virtual Assistant but don’t know where to start, my new course is for you. 

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Executive Support: £1,000+ per month

By developing a long-standing relationship and becoming a trusted business partner who’s invested in your business,  I give big thinkers like you the time and space to focus on your own zone of genius.

Work with me and you’ll finally have the right kind of support behind you so you write that book, create that new product, or do that freakin’ EPIC thing you’ve been putting off.

VIP Support: £3,500+ per month

When you’re the star of the show in a fast-paced business,  you’ll need solid support behind the scenes. You need a wing-woman .

As VIP, you will have priority over all other clients and I will be your go-to person. Let me know what you need, and I’ll make the magic happen.