You’ve probably read a lot of VA websites, so what makes us stand out?

Victoria has supported many, many awesome clients, including board members, high-net-worth individuals, a member of the House of Lords, a BAFTA award-winning film producer and an industry-leading magazine. 

Their industries may be drastically different, but they are all super high achievers who recognise they can’t do everything on their own.

Drawing on her 15 years of experience as an executive assistant, Victoria will act as your business wing-woman, your second brain, your confidant and a trusted partner to your business.

And the wider Virtual Assistant team is on-hand to assist behind the scenes.

Together, we will enable you to make more money and become more profitable.


Because we know that one of your biggest complaints is a lack of time.

And we guarantee that you will have more time to focus on growing your business when you have our reliable right-hand support behind the scenes. 

Starter Support: from £175 per month

If you need project support such as getting on top of your inbox and having us maintain it, setting up email campaigns or completing comprehensive research, this Starter Support is perfect for you.

Let’s have a conversation about your exact needs and get you booked in so you receive stellar support exactly when you need it.


Executive Support: from £345 per month

By developing a long-standing relationship and becoming a trusted business partner, we proactively anticipate needs and take the stress out of all those little things that have to be done but for which there aren’t enough hours in the day.

When you recognise the need for this wing-woman support,  you’ll have help at hand each and every day.

VIP Support: from £695 per month

When you’re the star of the show in a fast-paced business,  you’ll need to have immediate access to a solid support team behind the scenes.

As VIP, you will have priority over all other clients and Victoria will be your go-to person. Let her know what you need, and she’ll make it happen.