Victoria helped me with customer research, identifying potential clients and prioritising them for me. The data has been invaluable and made a big difference to my business. Victoria is a pleasure to work with, highly organised and super efficient. She quickly understood my needs and it was such a relief to delegate the work to someone I trusted and knew would do an excellent job. A true wing-woman that every business would benefit from. Highly recommended.

Ruth Smith, Ruth Publishing

Victoria and I began our relationship as friends, sharing the same interest of building our VA businesses. Our friendship progressed into a working relationship. Victoria is extremely organized, pays incredible attention to detail and communicates effectively, in any situation. Recently, Victoria agreed to be my sounding board, and I’m thankful for this new spin on our relationship. I feel I identify with Victoria on so many levels, and having her guidance has made me more confident in my business decisions, and her support has been invaluable, at every level of our relationship. I would be lost without her!

Denise Riches, Virtual Assistant

Victoria has the skills to give order to the admin complexities which can frustrate and upset Executives from carrying on with their job. She always has a great practical solution to manage a process and allows you to carry on with your business.

Victoria gives me a seamless service and I feel great knowing she is there whenever I need the speed of resolution of the admin process! Thank you, Victoria!

Don Camilleri – Hospitality & Leisure Concepts

Victoria is an invaluable support, a real wing woman for me and my business. Victoria is that unique blend of great energy, professionalism, highly organised, with a compassionate human touch and I’d highly recommend working with her. Thanks Victoria for all your support, you’re a star!

Lisa Spencer-Arnell, CCS

You have been a fabulous asset to the business and have assisted in the growth and development during the period in which we have worked together. The level of support and efficiency you offer really is second to none.

Kelly Taylor – KJ Taylor Consulting

Having spent a number of months and years spending too much time scanning my email inbox (which stood in excess of 11,000) for a particular piece of information or contact data I was delighted to of heard of the ‘inbox detox’ service offered by My VA Rocks. I didn’t hesitate to place an order for the service with Victoria and I am now certainly pleased that I did.

From the point of order, the automation and simplicity of working with My VA Rocks was excellent, an extremely clear and precise proposal making it clear to the cost and the inclusions within the order.

Victoria and I agreed a mutually convenient time to meet at my office and again the details of the project, its process and intended outcomes were explained.

After agreement of the detailed process Victoria set to work, I left her to my inbox and an hour later she had worked her magic, my files created, rules set and inbox well and truly detox’d!!

I feel that I now have a clear system of work, of filing and of searching for the right messages first time.

For me, a perfectly managed & professional service and something that I have been promising myself for a while, Victoria, I sincerely thank you. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in the same predicament I found myself in!

Stuart Pigram – The Trust Insurance Group

I asked Victoria Tretis from My Virtual Assistant Rocks to transcribe a few videos for my online course. The transcriptions needed to be print ready, so that I could save them straight away without any additional editing.

After some bad experiences with other VAs, who despite the same instructions had simply transcribed everything I said word for word, without any consideration for written sentence structure or grammar, I was slightly apprehensive.

But Victoria’s transcriptions were perfect. I could take them as they were, simply added some images were appropriate and saved them as pdfs to add them to my existing course.

I can definitely recommend Victoria and My Virtual Assistant Rocks. Her attention to detail as well as her quick turnaround time are second to none.

Isi Dixon – Well Organised Marketing

If you need a Virtual Assistant you can trust and rely upon to do an excellent job then look no further than Victoria at My VA Rocks!

I called on Victoria to help me with some documents that needed to be formatted to look more professional. I didn’t need full-blown graphic design but someone who is creative, has good IT skills and wants to get things looking just right.

I was really impressed with what Victoria (and her colleague) produced. Victoria was open about costs, timescales and how she would work. She fulfilled every promise and when completing the task provided an excellent instructional video that I could refer back to for when I need to make future changes.

Thank you, Victoria, for helping me to finally achieve what I have procrastinated about for so long!

Claudine Jackson – Just Wills and Estates

Victoria and I connected on social media and I quickly learned how knowledgeable she is! Her passion as a VA is palpable. She also values and fosters knowledge sharing amongst the assistant community.

It was a no-brainer for me to invite her to be a guest on my blog. She ended up writing one of the best articles I have read for those in our profession. It was not only full of quality advice but also written straight from the heart. It generated a lot of traffic (actually my best performing month to date!) and still is one of the top performing articles on my website.

She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does she exceed deadlines, but she welcomes feedback and is fabulous at collaborating. She is professional, friendly, and a fantastic communicator. She is also meticulous and efficient (as a blogger who works with many guest writers, it is rare to meet someone who delivers this at this level). I feel so fortunate to have met her.

If you get the chance to work with Victoria in any capacity, I recommend jumping at the chance!

Christina Holzhauser – Tips for Assistants

I asked Victoria to help me source my holiday of a lifetime to Canada for my 50th birthday next year.

As this was going to be a very special holiday for me I wanted to make sure of the best trip possible and had more confidence in Victoria sourcing this than a travel agent. 

Victoria asked me to provide her with a brief to confirm essentials, preferences and a budget so she could tailor this and provide me with the best overall package.

What she produced completely surpassed expectation. A 29-page report covering everything from flights, accommodation, car hire, trips, and the best possibilities for seeing bears!

Not only did this include my original specifics but exceeded expectation as Victoria had gone above and beyond by requesting some assistance from a VA colleague in Canada; this ensured a truly individually tailored summary for me.

The final report was so professional providing me with all the information, website links and “insider tips” possible. I was completely thrilled and delighted.

I cannot thank Victoria enough for her hard work and going “above and beyond” to exceed my expectations, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her excellent, second to none service, and skills for any of your VA needs.

She outshines any VA in my opinion.

Mandy Waby – Veracity Financial Planning

I encountered Victoria whilst she was working as the professional support for a senior and very busy member of the House of Lords.

Her organisation and planning skills matched with a highly tactful and effective communication style mark her out as a rather uniquely talented virtual-and-real assistant.

Simon Gallacher – The Nuffield Foundation

I had collated hundreds of business cards over the years, but never actually found the time to data enter the information so that I had accurate contact records immediately on hand.

I had met Victoria at a networking event many months ago and was immediately impressed by her professionalism and pursuit of administrative excellence within her industry. 

She was completely unfazed when given a box of over 500 jumbled business cards and accurately input the information from each card, weeding out duplicates along the way.

The information was returned to me in the required format, pro-actively password protected for additional security, days before the agreed deadline. Outsourcing this tasks to Victoria meant that I saved hours and hours of data entry and I now have an accurate database of contacts that I now use and update on a regular basis.

Data entering those business cards was something I kept putting off because I knew it wasn’t a good use of my time, so if there are administrative tasks which regularly remain on the bottom of your to-do list, I highly recommend you contact Victoria. She rocks!

 Andy Middleton – Ginger Root Design Agency

One of my own clients needed some urgent work in PowerPoint completing and as I didn’t have the capacity to attend to the additional work, I outsourced it to Victoria due to her expertise in this area.

Ever the professional, Victoria completed this work before the deadline and made the task seem easy (which I know, it wasn’t!).

It was a pleasure doing business with Victoria and I will most definitely be using her services again.

Charlotte Rogerson - Coach and Virtual Assistant

I have been availing myself of Victoria’s brilliant VA services for quite a while now. Initially I didn’t know how much I would use her services, but almost from the get go it was obvious that her utilisation of a broad range of skills knowledge and experience far exceeded my expectations of what a VA could do. From the outset Victoria proved herself discreet, efficient and trustworthy, working on some issues that were very sensitive and which were carried out with utmost precision. As our relationship has developed it’s become very clear to me that the support she offers on a myriad range of topice and challenges is completely essential. Whether it’s personal stuff like organising gifts, flowers, dinner – all far too simple to phase her – or intricate business related things she handles them all with aplomb and professionalism and I’m always completely confident that she’ll act in a timely and precise fashion and keep me completely updated whilst actually taking the strain off of me.

The range of things that she has worked on for me has completely surpassed my expectations and I would be loathe to be without her services. By way of recommendation I would say that if there is even one small area of your life that could use a cool calm hand at the tiller then get in touch with her immediately. I can’t speak more highly of anyone else whose services I have used, she’s completely brilliant.

Caroline Jackson - Entrepreneur

Victoria had been acting as head moderator of one of my Facebook groups for some time so when I wanted Virtual Assistant support, I already had full confidence in her abilities and knew she was the right person for the job. 

Victoria currently helps with a number of tasks in addition to her head moderator role. She proofreads my newsletters in ConvertKit and blog posts in WordPress, schedules my social media in Hootsuite, manages LinkedIn connection requests, assists with sales and promos, undertakes online research, actions support emails, provides support during Facebook live sessions and provides supports wherever else I might need her. 

My business is very tech-orientated and I love that Victoria picks things up very quickly. She is astute, dedicated, reliable, trustworthy, efficient and a vital part of my business operations. She communicates incredibly well, thinks for me, and has never missed a deadline. 

Some of Victoria’s most valuable time-saving skills however are around content support. Not only does she come up with great ideas for my Facebook groups, emails and blog posts, because she knows my business so well she has the wonderful ability to create the type of content I would write myself. Because I’m so busy Victoria will often craft something for me which I can simply edit to reflect my own opinion and voice. She literally has a great way with words which saves me an unbelievable amount of time and mental energy. 

Victoria is an essential part of my business and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. My Virtual Assistant does indeed rock!

Joanne Munro - The VA Handbook

Victoria is a pleasure to work with. The perfect balance of fun and friendly, with a professional, get the job done approach. She makes the process of working with a VA simple and straightforward, taking a detailed brief and checking in to report progress at regular intervals. A brilliant, enthusiastic extra pair of hands when you need some flexible, additional support.

Rachael van Oudheusden - Big Old House

I can’t thank Victoria enough for the work she did for us. She’s entirely self managing, meticulous and solution oriented. She’s a great communicator and always kept us aware of the progress she was making on her work.

In short she totally delivered for us and exceeded my expectations, freeing me up to spend more time working ‘on’ my business than ‘in’ it.

I’d recommend her at the drop of a hat! Bill Visick - VSL

For an all-too-brief couple of years, I rediscovered what it is like to have a top-class PA. Efficient, effective, courteous to all she dealt with, and great fun to work with. Lord Lucas - House of Lords/Lucas Publications

It was an absolute pleasure working with Victoria. In every dealing I ever had with her – many of them remote but also face-to-face – she was absolutely on it. She has that rare quality of making what she does look easy. No matter how much pressure she must be under, she never seems to be. She is friendly, unflappable and eminently professional.

I suggest you make the most of her services while you can because when I’m rich I plan to book up all of her time! Charlotte Simpson - Freelance Writer

I can’t thank Victoria enough for the work she did for us. She’s entirely self managing, meticulous and solution oriented. She’s a great communicator and always kept us aware of the progress she was making on her work.

In short she totally delivered for us and exceeded my expectations, freeing me up to spend more time working ‘on’ my business than ‘in’ it.

I’d recommend her at the drop of a hat! Janusz Stabik - Mayfly Media

Victoria is the ultimate, platinum Executive Assistant. She provides superb professional support and is a fantastic addition to any organisation.

She is forward-thinking, details-focused and fastidious at helping business run smoothly. She deals quickly and capably with all aspects of administration from diary management to international group travel to proof-reading, and many more.

She is an enormous help with personal admin too, taking the stress out of all those little things that have to be done but for which there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I wish the world were made of Victorias and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Helen Sewell - Director, Simply Speaking

Victoria is one of those people who, no matter what the problem, will listen calmly, ask a number of pertinent questions, take ownership of the challenge and get on with the job until it has been completed.

Like all good PAs, she is often ahead of me in seeing things I need to complete, people I need to talk to and ensuring I am in the right place at the right time.

I always enjoy working with her as she lightens my admin load, which I hate, and that allows me to focus on my priorities.

A joy to work with. Hugh Stafford-Smith - SABA Consulting

Victoria is the ultimate professional – people still talked about how valuable she was and how they missed working with her years after she had left the organisation.

Victoria always gets the job done. If she says it will be done, it will be. I am careful about recommending people but I have worked with Victoria and I don’t hesitate to recommend her. Geri Moran - www.gerimoran.com

Victoria was parachuted in to support me when I was working as a BITC Business Connector. She very quickly grasped what was required and established strong, sympathetic relationships with all the individuals and organisations involved.

She was enthusiastic, entirely reliable and frequently pro-active, entirely releasing me to concentrate on establishing new connections.

Victoria was a very reassuring presence and a delight to work with at all times. Ian Holden - BITC Business Connector

The CEO assistant role involved the sensible and confidential management of the CEO’s diary, liaison with board members and executives, the administrative preparation of board papers, unfailingly accurate responses to key stakeholders on the CEO’s behalf.

These were all matters that Victoria attended to with great diligence, humour and effectiveness.

Victoria not only managed the role but also, within a very short period, became a highly regarded member of the team, relied on by staff, executives and board members as a diligent, pro-active and intelligent resource whose hallmark was taking the initiative.

Victoria will quickly make herself a valuable and valued employee, whose character will endear her to her colleagues. Rohan Mead - Group Managing Director and CEO, Australian Unity (2007)