Several months ago, I upped my game on LinkedIn and cranked up my engagement. From commenting on posts by people I didn’t know, to posting my own thoughts almost every day – I went full fad with all things LinkedIn.

And I loved it!

I joined in with fascinating conversations, expanded my mind by reading through comments from people whose thought process was very different to mine, and “met” a hell of a lot of new people.

After a little while, Paul Carney, a wonderful connection whose content I’d been following closely on the platform, tagged me in his video recording and nominated me to record a video introduction.

Me? On video? No way. I can’t do that.

I responded politely and explained I’d have to find some serious courage before doing something so “out-there”.

In reality, I tried to forget about it because video remained very much outside my comfort zone, but there was a constant niggle – Paul had been so kind to put my name forward, and I worried I was being rude by not playing along.

It took me a while to realise that I was experiencing fear.

What if I stumbled over my words? What if I went red with embarrassment? What if my teeth look even bigger on video and that’s all people can see.

You know, all the rational kind of stuff.

So I remembered that fear can also be described as:

  • False
  • Experiences
  • Appearing
  • Real

And when Chris Williams tagged me in a separate post about nominating certain contacts for a 10-day video series, I knew I couldn’t hide any longer.

It took me a week to map out what I was going to talk about each day.

Or just a week to stall. Either/or.

And then it took another two days after that to muster up the courage to record any video at all!

And aside from the first video forcing me to do a bazillion takes, that recording on day one really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Sure, the sub-titles weren’t perfect and they cut out part way through, but I embraced my inner “done is better than perfect” and decided to hit publish none the less.

The following days involved fewer takes, slightly temperamental subtitles, and me hitting publish regardless.

Sure, I could have waited until everything was perfectly edited and filtered.

But I actually like the authenticity in my posts.

I like the fact you can see I’m struggling with darting eyes while I desperately try to recall what I’m going to say next.

And I like that I sometimes hesitate while I search for the right word.


Because video is new and unchartered territory for me and, despite how amateurish those videos are, I can see the improvements every single day. I can FEEL the improvement every single day.

So maybe I didn’t accept the challenge for the involvement at all. I think I put my big girl pants on because I wanted to conquer a fear.

You don’t scare me any more, video… Pah! And you can watch the entire series on how to detox your inbox here.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. Mark Twain