Writing about how business owners can tell whether they need a Virtual Assistant is a tricky subject.

In all honesty, I don’t want to tap into negativity such as: overwhelm, stress and worry. To me, those words don’t have positive connotations and, if you’re thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant, I don’t want to make assumptions about how you feel.

Instead, I want to flip the emotional overwhelm on its head and focus on how working with a Virtual Assistant will improve your personal wellbeing.

Focus on: freeing up your time

Is your to-do list like the magic porridge pot of pending items that you keep putting off?

But what if you’re procrastinating because you know deep down that the task just isn’t a good use of your time and energy?

If those items on your to-do list do not need to be completed by you, then they can probably be outsourced to an expert.

Any savvy business owner will know that their time is limited and expensive. Working with a Virtual Assistant to complete necessary but time-consuming administrative tasks that definitely need to be done, just not by you, makes good business sense.

Let’s say your Virtual Assistant provides just five hours of support every week, that’s an afternoon you could spend on sales, or an opportunity to dust off the trainers and visit the gym for an endorphin rush, or time you could pick the kids up straight from school instead of relying on the afterschool club.

You get to focus on the things you enjoy and those items only you can do.

Focus on: freeing up your mind

There’s an incredible amount of pressure and stress associated with getting a business off the ground and then making it sustainable.

Perhaps you know you should ‘eat that frog’ and focus on the one task you keep postponing.

But if you’re stalling because that task is not something you’re particularly good at, it’s always going to feel very stressful and the odds are you will keep putting it off.

So I want you to know that it is totally okay to not find joy in every aspect of running a business.

By having a trusted assistant whose skillset and strengths align with those particular tasks, you gain peace of mind to know that your business is ticking along while your focus is on the fun stuff that does bring you joy.

Your Virtual Assistant will act as your second brain and you’ll no longer need to keep a strong working memory of everything that’s going on in your business.

Although your mind may well stay busy (that’s the beauty of you big-picture thinkers), it’ll certainly be less cluttered with a Virtual Assistant on board.

If you recognise yourself in any of this post, perhaps it’s time to look at hiring a Virtual Assistant. I offer a complimentary consultation to CEOs and MDs who need right-hand support. Click here and we’ll soon have you focusing on the fun stuff again.