As a business owner, you’ll appreciate just how little time there is in a day!

Sometimes the 9-to-5 just isn’t enough, and you might find yourself repeatedly working at night or at weekends. While it’s easy to think that it’s better to put yourself out than let a client down, not giving yourself time to relax and refresh will affect your ability to work in the long run.

When you own your own business, it can be difficult to delegate tasks to others, as it feels like a loss of control. It’s okay to let go from time to time and trust others to give you support. Running yourself ragged trying to get everything done by yourself can be damaging to the company.

It can be hard to admit, but sometimes you’re not the right person for a particular job. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll have skills and knowledge that make you great at what you do, but there will always be things that you don’t know or aren’t good at.

Don’t give your clients a subpar service because you don’t want to admit that you can’t do it all.

Unique Ability

We all need help from time to time and there’s no shame in asking for it. Having gaps in your skillset will never detract from everything that you’re capable of achieving.

Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan refers to this as Unique Ability. You have a set of skills, knowledge, passions and experiences that nobody else can offer. By taking time to figure out what those characteristics are for you, you’ll learn how to make them work for your business and for your clients.

Once you’ve got your Unique Ability nailed down, you’ll also be able to see where you could benefit from a little external help. Not only will this allow you to give your clients an even better service, it will give you more opportunities to spend time doing what you’re best at instead of struggling through jobs that aren’t in your wheelhouse.

Zone of Genius

Personal growth expert Gay Hendricks talks about taking The Big Leap from your comfort zone to one where you’ll be able to achieve greatness. He calls this moving from your Zone of Excellence to your Zone of Genius.

When you’re in your comfort zone—or Zone of Excellence—you’re comfortable because you excel at everything you do. If you don’t try anything new or scary, you’ll never truly unleash your genius.

Hendricks says what the universe wants most from you is what’s uniquely yours; something that no-one else can offer. Staying in your comfort zone will stop you making the most of those special gifts that only you possess.

Most people don’t spend enough time in their Zone of Genius because they’re afraid to take The Big Leap, afraid of the unknown and afraid of failure. While these are understandable fears, they often prevent people from achieving their best.


Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi talks about Flow, which he refers to as a state of concentration so focused that a person finds themselves completely absorbed in an activity.

By being so fully absorbed in what you do, he claims that you can achieve a happy, meaningful life. While this might sound like a big claim, aren’t we all happier when we’re engrossed in something that we truly enjoy and excel at?

Aiming to create as much Flow as possible in how you run your business will again help you to highlight those areas that might be better outsourced. Tasks that detract from your Flow could be easily incorporated into the Flow of someone more suited to the job, making both your lives happier and providing a better final outcome.

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