The VA industry is pretty unique in the sense that there’s a hell of a lot of social collaboration, and not so much competition. So I’ve raised a few eyebrows amongst my connections when I’ve gone on to ‘like’ or comment on social media posts by other VAs when they’re seen as my so-called ‘competition’ and I wanted to explain.


Yes, I’m well aware I could be directing my prospective clients to other VAs in my network.


But I’m also safe in the knowledge that we all bring very different skills and experiences to the business table, and they have shaped us into the people we are today.


So when thinking about working with new clients, there’s always lots to consider on both sides. Therefore, if I’m not a good fit for a prospective client (you need sales calls? Hell no!), then I honestly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending another VA. And vice versa.


In short, the success of my business is based on social collaboration and I’m very proud to continue to support other VAs along their business journey.


What’s it like in your own industry? Cut-throat or collaborative? I’d love to hear your thoughts.