Now that the John Lewis Christmas advert is on TV, it’s wholly acceptable to start thinking about Christmas and setting goals for 2018.

December is always a busy month for solo business owners, particularly those who want to take advantage of the downtime between Christmas and New Year. But if you find yourself cramming a month’s worth of deliverables into just three weeks, and working during the supposed Christmas shutdown because you need to catch up, then perhaps a helping hand might be something to put on your Christmas list.

And it’s not too late to ask for a little bit of help with any of the following:


1. Christmas Cards or E-Cards

Whether you’re a fan of a traditional handwritten card or prefer to send an e-card, a VA can ensure that your contacts database is completely up to date and that everyone receives their season’s greetings in ample time prior to the big day.

Here’s a link to the last posting dates in the UK, but as long as you aim for sending everything out to those within the country before Wednesday 20 December, you should be fine.

And if you need a recommendation for ecards, there’s JibJab here.


2. Gift Research and Buying

Leaving gift shopping to the last minute only causes stress and disappointment. Or worse, perhaps you had planned to shop online but just missed the dispatch cut-off time. A VA can conduct research into suitable options which are in line with your budget and arrange to send items on your behalf.

If you fancy doing this yourself, I recommend having a mooch at Not On the High Street and the Ethical Superstore.


3. Communicate Availability over the Festive Period

Whatever your office hours during the festive period, make sure you communicate this to your contacts. A quick email detailing your out of hour dates and who to contact in case of escalation is absolutely fine. But if you have a contact database with a system such as MailChimp you could ask your VA to create a newsletter instead.


4. Attend Those Christmas Parties

December is likely to be chock-full of invites to eat mince pies and drink mulled wine. But if you declined those networking opportunities last year because you couldn’t tear yourself away from the desk, it might be worth sitting down to look at your to-do list and compare it with your diary commitments. It would be a shame to miss out because of work demands, and a VA can be working on administrative tasks behind the scenes while you go out and enjoy yourself.

If you really don’t feel like you can tear yourself away from the desk, if the VA lives locally, you could even ask them to represent your business on your behalf.


5. Give Yourself the Best Chance of Achieving Your 2018 Goals

Knowing you have reliable right-hand support behind the scenes could mean you spend 2018 growing your business rather than being the business. A VA will work with you to understand your vision and will support you along that journey. From diary management, to pitch presentations, and everything in between, having a VA on your side could free up your time and make 2018 your best year yet.



If you want to experience Christmas cheer rather than feeling wholly ‘bah humbug’, or if you want to set yourself up for success from Q1 2018, please drop me an email for a free consultation: