So, you’d like to become a Virtual Assistant.

You know, thousands of people are already working from home as a Virtual Assistant and you can too.

Two years ago, I was an employee who had dreams of spending more time with my family and less time at work. I thought leaving the comfort of a regular salary to become self-employed was too scary and too risky. And yet fast-forward to today and I’m earning more money than I did as an employee, all while working fewer hours. AND the work I do is fulfilling and enjoyable.

In fact, thousands of people just like me are working from home as a VA, and you can too.

Ah, the memories

I was flicking through Facebook’s On This Day memories quite recently and one popped up from two years ago. It said this:

Become a Virtual Assistant

I knew there was a market for an employed, remote-working executive assistant who would support multiple (and unconnected) clients because I was one. I did not, however, know that being a self-employed Virtual Assistant was a genuine career path.

Looking back, I honestly thought my only hopes for that magical work/life balance was to give up on my career or take a drop in pay and find a term-time only role. And do you know how many of those I applied for, and I didn’t even get a response in return? Lots. And it was totally soul destroying.

Gathering the seeds of an idea

The months that followed were all the same –  I was at the desk for more hours than I wanted to, seeing Freya less than I needed to, and continued to feel like I was running out of alternative options.

My friends began to suggest I become a Virtual Assistant and my excuses came thick and fast:

  • I have a mortgage and all the bills associated with running a household – I wouldn’t earn enough money.
  • Only super rich people in London would want to hire a VA, and I don’t have the connections.
  • Running a business is for other people – I don’t know the first thing about being self-employed.
  • Working from home on my own without any interaction with co-workers would be lonely.

The complete unknown scared the hell out of me, and I just wasn’t prepared to take the risk. Fear stopped me before I’d even given the thought a proper chance.

Planting the seeds of an idea

I went on to stumble across a Facebook group for aspiring, new and established VAs around the world. Thousands of them were doing the whole VA thing. Sure, some were still learning the ropes, but I was left feeling truly inspired and in awe of their conviction and achievements. Members were open in sharing advice and offering support, so I was keen to soak up all the information.

The VA idea suddenly felt very real. Now that I had discovered there were people out there with far less experience than me who were making huge successes of being a Virtual Assistant, I reasoned that I owed it to myself to give the VA thing a whirl.

The pros finally started to outweigh the cons and I figured if I didn’t succeed, I’d just find a “proper” job.

And so I handed in my notice and buckled myself in for the bumpy ride to Business Owner-Ville.

What you water, grows

Fast forward to today and I didn’t win the lottery or a term-time role like I had dreamed of in that Facebook memory, but I’m going some way towards winning this game of life now that I’ve been a self-employed VA for well over a year.

I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t been hard work because every step of the way has been at least 10X more difficult than I had expected. At one point I was being manipulated by a client and was ready to jack it all in. BUT the challenge is in overcoming those obstacles and learning from them.

The joy is in knowing that I am investing in and responsible for my career success and family happiness. And I am over the moon the work/life balance I had only dreamed of just a couple of years ago.

I no longer dread Mondays. And I want you to feel the same too.

If you’re thinking about becoming a VA, even if it’s just the tiniest speck of an idea that you keep pushing to the back of your mind, please read through the resources below and remember this quote: “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” – Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

“All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today” – Indian Proverb









If you’d like to speak with me about my VA journey so far, send me a message here.