This series, Business Book Bites, has been very much inspired by the PropelHer online book club, and you can read other posts in the series here.

Although You are a Badass at Making Money hasn’t been one of the book club’s reads, I had read the summary of Jen Sincero’s first title, You are a Badass. Since then, Jen’s gone on to become a number one New York Times bestselling author and it’s easy to see why. Her no-nonsense approach to writing, along with relatable and humorous stories (plenty of swear words, guys, so don’t read if you’re easily offended), makes learning from Jen positively dreamy.

Quite recently I’ve been reading material about ‘abundance’ versus ‘lack’ and was immediately drawn to Jen’s second book You are a Badass at Making Money. You might be familiar with the concept of money blocks and, if you’re not, hopefully it’s only because you don’t have any and, instead, you truly believe you’re worth all of the thousands of pounds you have squirrelled away in your bank accounts.

Jen writes about how to recognise, confront and reverse those money blocks, leading you to ‘get as wealthy as you wanna be’. Tempting, huh? Here are my key takeaways from the book.

1. A tiny but mighty chapter about universal intelligence

Many people remain sceptical about universal energy and so Jen encourages us all to open our minds to five key areas where the universe is regularly trying to guide us through:

  • Intuition
  • Synchronicity
  • Inspiration
  • Desire
  • Coincidence

What did I start doing differently?

I’ve consciously quietened my mind and taken some time out for me. The comparative downtime has helped me work through situations in my head and come up with ideas that I simply wouldn’t have found so easily had I continued with charging ahead at full throttle.

By paying more attention to the five areas above and taking the opportunity to recognise synchronicities and coincidences, I’ve noticed a real shift. For example, a prospective client contacted me a few weeks back, and when I was conducting my due diligence (read: stalking on social media), I realised we had a mutual friend with whom I’d been meaning to call for a catch-up. Hours later, that mutual friend engaged with a couple of my Twitter posts, then rang the same evening and to offer me some project work which was totally out of the blue.

“If that doesn’t have you heading out to purchase a super-hero cape and tights, I don’t know what else I can say.” Jen Sincero

2. Best practices for busting yourself

Part of this chapter is about changing the language used to create greater positivity. I always say that you tell people what to think of you with the words you use – the same can be said for that internal chatter.

Direct examples from the book include:

  • I want (= I lack)
  • I wish (but I’m not in control = disempowering)
  • I need (cuz I ain’t got = lack)
  • I’m trying (but I’m not committed)

There are other examples but you get the gist, right?

What did I start doing differently?

Although I’m careful about the language I use when talking to others, I realised I didn’t always have the same respect when it came to my internal thoughts. Therefore, I took Jen’s examples and now consciously use: I have, I create, I enjoy, I can, I choose.

3. Faith and gratitudinal gold

Whether you believe in a god, the universe, or something else, trusting that you’re on the right path (you know, the unpredictably windy one with approximately 4,576 hills to climb) can be hard to accept.

What did I start doing differently?

“Badassery comes to those who take risks,” Jen said. Eep! Okay!

I realised I should pursue those opportunities that push me out of my comfort zone and the words “there is no lack of things to be grateful for if you remember to pay attention” is my new life motto.


I have both the audio and hard-copy version of this book and loved every second of both. I realise I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff and recognise that where I am in life, is exactly where I should be, but where I’m going next is entirely down to the choices I make.

If you’d like to read more about Jen and her books, you can access her website here.